Managing Your Investments

Asset Allocation Strategies • Workplace Savings Advisory Program

The core of a wealth building and wealth retention strategy is effective management of your portfolio. We believe in a philosophy that the most important measure of investing is not how much you make, but how much you keep.

We help structure a personalized portfolio that is suitable for your comfort level as an investor. We utilize a combination of approaches that are designed to deliver effective results while limiting the impact of the market’s natural up-and-down swings.

Asset Allocation Strategies

The core of our asset allocation approach is grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory, a concept so well regarded it earned a Nobel Prize in Economics. The goal is to identify efficiencies in the markets to help structure the optimum portfolio that is appropriate for the level of market volatility you find suitable. This form of strategic asset allocation results in a long-term mix of investments that is optimally designed to generate superior returns with risk managed in accordance with your wishes.

What sets All Star Financial apart is that we complement this strategic approach with tactical portfolio adjustments. Utilizing our decades of experience in tracking the economy and markets and a well-grounded, disciplined process, we will adjust your portfolio mix from time-to-time. This is our way of accounting for periods of extreme “fear” and “greed” in the markets. When certain investments are too “hot,” we may pull back on those positions. When certain segments of the market are out of favor, we might take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on attractively valued investments by increasing certain positions. If we anticipate that potential economic developments could impact the markets, we’ll adjust your portfolio accordingly.

We implement our asset allocation strategies with high quality, no-load mutual funds using a truly objective assessment process. We have no ties to individual fund companies or money managers, and no obligation or incentive to work with a particular firm. By maintaining an arm’s length relationship, we are able to eliminate bias in our fund selection process.

The net result is a portfolio that ultimately encounters less fluctuation than would occur with a mix of comparable market indices, but still generates the results you need to achieve your most important financial objectives.

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Workplace Savings Advisory Program

The All Star Qualified Plan Advisory Program is designed to help you get the most out of your company’s retirement plan by helping you manage your qualified plan efficiently to get the most out of every dollar you invest. This program will greatly improve your investment returns by taking a proactive approach to managing your qualified plans.

All Star will access your retirement account and analyze, as a team, your current investment selections, making necessary changes to help your portfolio match one of the trusted All Star investment models. Continuing to monitor and make changes to your portfolio on a quarterly basis, All Star ensures your portfolio stays on track to meet your goals. And If any change is made to your portfolio, you will be notified through email, keeping you in the know at every step.

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